About Us

What is Fully Loaded?

Fully Loaded Chew is a tobacco free chew that has the great pack, spit, and buzz you're looking for.

Full Satisfaction. Full Flavor. FULLY LOADED.


Who are we?

We are a group of everyday folks who got together to make the perfect dip that would pack, spit and buzz the way we wanted.

So we decided to make it ourselves: a tobacco-free chew that doesn’t suck.

After hundreds of batches over several years of development, testing and a growing grassroots demand, we realized we were onto something big.

Now, we’re bringing Fully Loaded to the world. (And yes - the whole world! For orders outside the US, Canada and Australia, go here to order Fully Loaded Chew right to your door!)


Fully Loaded is for all types of chewers.

Fully Loaded offers options to customize the nicotine content in your chew to just where you want it.

Fully Loaded gives you the satisfaction you’re looking for!



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