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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Long Cut Tobacco-Free Dip

Shop our line of long-cut tobacco-free dip that gives you that traditional dipping feel. We’ve worked long and hard to get you the perfect texture, flavors and satisfaction you’ve ever experienced in a tobacco-free chew. We even carry your favorite snuff flavors, such as the popular wintergreen and cherry dip. If you are having trouble deciding on a long cut dip or are new to Fully Loaded tobacco-free dip, try a dip sampler pack. It's the best way to find you new favorite long cut chew flavor.

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Image of Dark Wintergreen Dip - "Fully Loaded" - Full Nicotine Strength

Dark Wintergreen Tobacco-Free Nicotine Dip

Image of Mint Dip - "Bullseye" - Nicotine-Free

Mint Flavored Tobaccco-Free Dip

Image of Bourbon Dip - "Bullseye" - Nicotine-Free


Image of Cherry Dip - "Bullseye" - Nicotine-Free

Cherry Flavored Tobacco-Free Dip

Image of Classic Dip - "Fully Loaded" - Full Nicotine Strength

Classic Flavored (Straight/Authentic) Tobacco-Free Dip

Image of Straight Dip - "Bullseye" - Nicotine-Free


Image of Full Nicotine - Long Cut - Variety Pack

Dip Sampler Packs

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