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With Fully Loaded, we think we’ve created something pretty damn great: a non-tobacco chew that gives you everything you crave.

But, we’re probably a bit biased, so check out what the good folks who’ve tried Fully Loaded for themselves are saying:

For ease of reading, we've broken down the kind words below into three categories: flavor, help quitting, and comments that made us laugh so hard we fell off our damn stools.


I’m 37 and I’ve been chewing since I’m 16. (Not super proud of that)

Over the past few years I’ve been very concerned about cancer consequences due to tobacco. Because of that fear I’ve tried chewing everything from coffee grounds to shredded dried coconut as well as about 10 different dip alternatives. Nothing has come close to the real thing. I stumbled across your add on Facebook and thought what the hell I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars already on trying alternatives what’s another $20. Well it just came in the mail today and I ripped that package open and popped one in!

Now I’ve only used your product one time but it is by far the closest to the real thing I’ve ever tried.

I feel like I actually might have a shot at getting away from tobacco and hopefully the worrying about illness will also not be weighing so heavy on my mind as well.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing to help the chewers out there!

Mike, January 25, 2018


I have tried other alternative brands and none has came close to fully loaded there shockingly good great job fellas

Austin, January 24, 2018


I wanted to dip but not have all that tobacco in my lip. I didn't want to deal with all the side effects of it. But I ordered this and I was very pleased. It's exactly as advertised; a safe tobacco free alternative. It doesn't disappoint. Flavor is amazing, texture and moisture are on point, and the customer service made me wanna buy it on its own. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Love this product!

Cole, January 23, 2018


I have been a dipper for 4+ years and I have tried everything from Sweden Snus to anything I can get my hands on from over seas so I have a high nicotine tolerance,

Ok so I cracked open this can and it immediately hit me with a strong smell of like a spearmint gum which smelt pretty dang good I pinched me a nice sized amount and it packed perfect in my hand and mouth stayed together very well in the lip then WOW it hit me the flavor is amazing and I have say since I didn’t dip anything today before this the nicotine hit was pretty good. This product is awesome for being a tobacco free product it packs and gives that smooth buzz just like regular American dip these guys surely out done it!!!

Everybody go pick up some cans from @fullyloadedchew they have Wintergreen,Cherry, and Mint!! 

dipper_for_life1738, January 22, 2018


Just now got my 6 cans in the mail. About to order 6 more so I don't run out. All I can say is wow. Been dipping Grizzly long cut wintergreen for 10 years. Closest cut and pack to real tobacco you can get, way better than Smokey Mountain.

Dennis, NC, January 11, 2018


Greatest chew I’ve had in 32 years. Keep up the great work boys!

Dylan, OH, December 14, 2017


Get the Flavor you crave

Help Quitting Tobacco:

I been dippin Copenhagen wintergreen long cut for years now and this stuff is definitely the best alternative I've tried. Gives you a buzz, an taste pretty damn good to. I will be giving them my business for now on. I hope this helps anyone thats trying to quit or interested in the product. To me its more like snuff instead of long cut but none the less good stuff!

Mason, January 25, 2018


Awesome alternative if you want to quit dipping. I have been dipping for 7.5 years. From 15-22 years old. This is my 5 time trying to quit and this has been the easiest transition to quitting. I feel like I haven’t quit but I know it’s going to save my lip. I recommend fully loaded at first and work your way down.

J.j., January 22, 2018


I just wanted to let you guys know that I am Copenhagen free for 3 weeks now thanks to your product! I tried my new can of Mint today and it is amazing. Thank you so much for what you guys do; you are literally life savers!

Dan, January 11, 2018


Amazing I tried 5 other brands and this stuff is 1,000x better!!! It’s moist AF and the wintergreen burns like real chaw and it’s flavor packed, not like that other bullshit fake chew. Wish i could give 10 stars. But this now if you need to quit!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared, TN, December 29, 2017


My husband just received his supply in the mail yesterday of FL! Coming into a new year, and everything that brings, we're excited that he's making a healthy choice to quit, and this product is the tool in which will make that wish a reality!

Courtney, NC, December 27, 2017


Fully loaded is hands down the best tobacco alternative I’ve ever tried... and I’ve tried a ton!

I have tried all three of the flavors they offer and I love all 3! To all my fellow chewers, if you’re looking for taste, look, smell, and feel fully loaded is the chew for you!!

Brandon, PA, November 8, 2017


Start a tobacco-free life today

Had us Rolling:

(the delivery guy) hands me the box... I jam my knife into it... rip out a can of wintergreen. I slowly and tactfully cut the seal, pack that can like no other as I skip back inside. I sit down, crack it open with a fresh Coors light by my side. Take my shaking hand and every so slightly take a pinch. When I placed that dip in my mouth.... holy shit, I saw god. The clouds opened and i saw god riding a unicorn, and they both had a lip of Fully Loaded. I couldn't believe how good it was.

Actually had great taste and texture. You could have put that shit in a tin of cope or griz green and i would have barely even noticed the difference.

Thank you guys for creating this great product. No more Zyn, No more Smokey mountain... Keep up the fantastic job yall.

Wyatt, January 11, 2018


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