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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fully Loaded Chew Testimonials & Reviews

Hank Cherry is a back-to-back Bassmaster Classic Champion and a member of Fully Loaded Chew's pro team. Here he talks about switching to Fully Loaded from Grizzly and his commitment to assist anglers across the nation quit tobacco.

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Dear Alpha, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact your product has had on my life. After struggling with nicotine addiction for years, your innovative solution has been nothing short of life-changing. Thanks to your support and the effectiveness of your product, I’ve been able to break free from this harmful habit and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. Your dedication to creating such a transformative product has not only improved my life but has also inspired hope for countless others looking to make a positive change. Thank you for your commitment to making a difference and for being a beacon of hope for those seeking to overcome addiction.

- With heartfelt thanks, Cejay M

Y’all weaned me off of a lifetime of Copenhagen & Skoal. Since college in 88’. It’s 2023. I started using y’all’s dip in 2019. Fully loaded, half, no nicotine & tonight my first order of no nicotine at all. A very long journey. I work in cardiovascular medicine and know the harm of conventional dip and the carcinogens in the dip produced by the tobacco companies. I was hooked like so many patients. Y’all helped me end the addiction I was sold so many years ago. I signed y’all’s petition, wrote letters to support what y’all are trying to achieve... I know I haven’t been buying as much of y’all’s product as I used to but that’s because y’all achieved what y’all set out to achieve. THANK YOU! I truly know y’all have had a profound impact on my life.

- Eric E.

While fishing the Big Horn River, a buddy tossed me a can of FL. I had tried to quit chewing for years. Never could pull it off. FL has the right texture, the flavors are awesome and being able to step down the nicotine was the key to success! 3 years, no tobacco, I couldn't have done it without FL!!

- Anthony A.

Thank you all for helping me quit tobacco! I was hiding cans all over the house, in my golf bag, in my truck, in the boat. I had a 20 year habit. But the worst thing I was doing was that I was hiding something from my family. So I came clean, told them about my addiction and a good friend showed me Fully Loaded, thank goodness. I didn't even like pouches, so I was skeptical, but I do now! This stuff tastes great! I show every dipper I know and give them some to try. Every dipper should at least give Fully Loaded a real honest try. Dip the entire can, give it a chance before you fall back into tobacco just because it's habit. It may just save your life.

– JR

I want to thank you all for selling me your product. I am now 8 months clean to chewing tobacco and 3 months with your product, I am getting up there in age so it is time to quit all the bad stuff for me, Thanks again I tell everyone about your product and let them know how it has helped me get off the real tobacco.

- Rick

Here's a YouTube video review from AllThingsOutdoors: reviewed Dryv Energy Pouches and here's what he said: "I’ve been really happy with all of the products from the folks at Fully Loaded and these new Dryv Energy Pouches are no exception to that. The folks behind this company clearly had a vision and they’re putting it into action. I’m a big fan of pouches these days primarily due to the cleanup factor and I love not having to spit if I don’t want to. No more spitters! ... Both of these (flavors) are pretty strong recommends."

Just writing to thank you for helping me quit chewing. I had a 2-3 tin/week habit for over 30 years.

I had tried quit many times using alternatives but I could not find a good substitute. They either had a poor flavor or poor texture. Sometimes both.

I found the bullseye wintergreen to be very flavorful and similar to the real thing. I never dipped pouches but the bullseye pouches is what I chose and really liked.

I began by cutting myself to 3 dips of the real thing and substituting Fully Loaded the rest of the time. I eventually got down to one a day and then none.

In 30 days I was tobacco free and 45 days later I stopped using the substitute. 7 months without dip and no desire to start again. Even during some stressful times! I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you.
Tom R.

I just wanted to tell yall, that I've been dipping for 20 years. I decided to hang it up. I tried grinds most recently I tried baccoff. Super disappointed in their product. Taste like shit and is not anywhere close to actual snuff.. I received your sample pack today, and honestly it blows your competition away. I tried the wintergreen and the bourbon so far. I don't know what yall did but keep doing it. Thanks guys! It even looks like snuff compared to baccoff.

- Kalan J.

I started dipping 15+ years ago in the military. Ive been severely addicted to the stuff ever since then. I've always struggled to quit, even when my health started going downhill because of it, I was still unable to quit.

For many years I gave up, accepting that I'd be addicted forever. I tried all the other alternative brands out there, and nothing helped me put down the real stuff any more then usual.

I was convinced a fake nicotine free dip that was accurate to the real deal didn't exist, and that all the other ppl who had left good reviews on other brands were either paid for or fake.

Then I came across Fully Loaded. Weary that it would be just one more failure, I ordered it. After those first few cans I've never looked back.

It is 90 to 95% accurate in every conceivable way to the real thing, whether pouches or long cut. I have virtually no negative things to say about it, other then I wish they sold it locally.

Because of FL, I've gone from having real dip in my mouth 24/7, to about 10% of the time. My health has drastically improved, and I love being able to enjoy a dip still. Ive got a family that relies on me. Having a fake alternative rather then a poison is a life saver in more ways then one.

Thanks Fully Loaded! Seriously!

- Luke O.

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