Wintergreen Chew - "Fully Loaded" - Full Nicotine Strength

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Fully Loaded Wintergreen Chew gives you the full Wintergreen flavor you crave. Sweet, refreshing, balanced and made with blended spearmint leaves, Wintergreen delivers the goods.

We’ve worked long and hard to get you the perfect texture, flavors and satisfaction you’ve never experienced in a tobacco-free chew. Our Wintergreen chew is available in Full, Half and Zero nicotine levels.

Check out what other customers have to say:

"When I first placed the pinch in my lip I couldn't turn back .... The BUZZZZZZ WASSSSSSS SSSSSEEEENNNNSSSAAATIIIONALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL." -Mick


"This flavor is the best... Mint being a close number 2... they smell amazing when you pop that can open too... has a good little nicotine kick. i will definitely be ordering wintergreen constantly. its awesome." -Conner


"Just had my first pinch off the Wintergreen Full Strength... Good spit, flavor, and burn... definitely would recommend this! Definitely going to order more!" -Tommy


"Saw an ad for Fully Loaded on Instagram and I was sold... Gives the buzz, flavor isn't too shabby, and it feels good in the lip... Thanks guys!" -Jon


"Just got my can in today, I was skeptical at first thinking it would be like Grinds or any other crap. Totally blew my mind! The way it feels and packs sealed the deal for me... Got a buyer for life right here." -Blake B.


"I have been chewing over 20 years . This is by far the best product on the market. The flavor is great you get the burn of nicotine from. Highly recommended... It keeps tight in the lip." -Edward G.


"I like wintergreen a lot... The nicotine level is good too. I will be buying g some more soon... This stuff is great and you should give it a shot... #YEEYEE" -Landon


"Just got my first can of the wintergreen full nictotine and all I can say is wow... I was surprised on how moist and juicy it is the flavor is good... I’ll definitely be buying this from now on. Thanks fully loaded for this amazing product" -Matt


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