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$1 can + free shipping!
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Try our new nicotine white pouches.

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$1 can + free shipping
We've Got Metal Lids!

We asked what you wanted most, now we're giving it to you! We are sealing our pouches with a metal lid to lock in that delicious Fully Loaded flavor.

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Dark Wintergreen Pouches available now
Dark Wintergreen Pouches

Our Dark Wintergreen flavor is now available in pouches!

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Fully Loaded is available in an increasing number of retailers across the country.

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Live Your Life Fully Loaded

Tobacco Free

Fully Loaded is made with TFN® Nicotine, which DOES NOT COME FROM TOBACCO LEAVES. It is created in a State-of-the-Art Laboratory Resulting in EXTREMELY CLEAN & PURE NICOTINE.

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Full Flavor

Our flavor is built with all food-grade ingredients. Blends of pure, natural flavor extracts, specifically formulated for each dip

Full Texture

Fully Loaded’s texture is made from a mix of kudzu root and spearmint leaves that gives a solid pack, spit and buzz. Fully Loaded delivers satisfaction unlike any other tobacco-free dip on the market!

Fully Loaded Comes in 3 Nicotine Levels

Full, Half & Zero Nicotine Strength

Drop the TOBACCO - Keep the NICOTINE

It’s that simple.

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This product is awesome ... it packs and gives that smooth buzz ... dip these guys surely out done it!!!


Flavor is amazing, texture and moisture are on point, and the customer service made me wanna buy it on its own. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.


You guys definitely did a great job with these pouches they are unbelievable!! PLEASE keep them coming!!


Just writing to thank you for helping me quit chewing... 7 months without dip and no desire to start again. Even during some stressful times! I couldn’t be happier.

Tom R.

Fully Loaded is your Best Catch Yet


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* Only one use per customer