Peach Chew - "Fully Loaded" - Full Nicotine Strength

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Well, isn't this just Peachy Keen?

Fully Loaded Peach Chew gives you a full Peach flavor. Sweet, refreshing, balanced and made with blended spearmint leaves, our Peach flavor is sweet, but not too sweet! Available in full nicotine and nicotine free options, and always tobacco free!

So hurry up and order today!

Check out what other customers have to say:

"Got my order today, threw in a pinch of peach was shocked... the flavour is amazing!" -Austin


"FLC hit it up of the park with this flavor! Best flavor they offer in my opinion. Great buzz, and not dry at all." -Natalie


"I found Fully Loaded on instagram and started to follow them... I jumped right on the “Fully Loaded Train” and ordered my first can and it was the peach flavor with full nicotine and I love it! I’d recommend this to anyone!" -Charles L.


"10 out of 10... I enjoy all the flavors, the moistness, pack-ability, excellent burn and everything else." -John


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