Want to Quit Tobacco?

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Chew rocks – but cancer and mouth damage suck.

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Benefits of Quitting Tobacco

Although there are many, many more, here are three of the biggest benefits of quitting chewing tobacco.

Save a TON of Money!

You don’t have to imagine how much money you’ll save – it’s easy to figure out – just do the math! Imagine what you could do with all that CASH!

No Cancer!

Chewing tobacco causes mouth and throat cancer – those can be deadly! Quit chew today, minimize your risk and maximize your LIFE!

 Keep Your Teeth!

Do you like eating food? Do you like smiling? Quitting chew will help you keep your teeth!

Tips for Successfully Quitting Tobacco

Here are a few guidelines and helps that will assist you on your journey to a tobacco-free life!

Make a List, get Support!

Make a list of all the reasons you want to quit – and keep it on you. Look at it often! Also, get your friends and family to keep you accountable. You can also find an online support group to give you tips and ideas.

Keep Busy!

Idle minds are the chewer’s plaything. Keep your schedule full of meaningful, enjoyable events. Take up a hobby! Work out! It’ll help you stop thinking about chew.

Try Non-Tobacco Alternatives!

Non-tobacco alternatives, like Fully Loaded Tobacco-Free Chew can be great helpers in the fight to quit chewing. Fully Loaded comes in three nicotine levels – 100%, 50% and Nicotine-Free – to help you quit tobacco for good!